A topic on domestic violence and its impact on children, ready for download in PDF . Violence is one of the dangerous social phenomena from which society suffers greatly. Given the importance of educating people about the effects of this topic, we are attaching on my al7aqiqa website a topic with full paragraphs on domestic violence and its effects.

Introduction to the topic on domestic violence and its impact on children

Domestic violence is one of the deadly social phenomena that is destructive to society. It is a form of physical or moral abuse practiced by one or both parents on the other or on the children, which makes the family relationship broken between them with the absence of an element of mutual respect between the members of this family. Domestic violence affects all Family members, young and old, and not only on children, but the psychological harm that domestic violence causes to a child can completely destroy his life. From this standpoint, and through our next topic, we will discuss this topic in greater detail.

A topic about domestic violence and its impact on children

There is no term of safety in a home where all its members suffer from the effects of domestic violence. The members of the house live in a depressing atmosphere, inclined to isolation, and so tense that the members of the house do not prefer to return home when they leave it due to the lack of stability, respect, and security in his home. You often find a person Who suffers from the effects of domestic violence far from social relationships, withdraws into himself, suffers from psychological illnesses, or practices violence on his friends to release his buried feelings because of the ill-treatment he suffers in his home. And not only that, but domestic violence has many other effects on children psychologically. And physically.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a social phenomenon that occurs in the smallest social unit, which is the family. Domestic violence results from the dominance of one or both parents (father or mother) over the rest of the family members. Domestic violence may be physical (kicking, beating, slapping, and the like) or psychological (insults, bad words, and intimidation). And the like) or sexual, or passive aggression towards neglect and economic or emotional deprivation. Domestic violence often results in drug abuse, alcoholism, criminality and similar reprehensible characteristics. Therefore, this phenomenon has become the most dangerous social phenomenon facing societies and hindering the development of countries.

Forms of domestic violence

There are many forms of domestic violence depending on the method of violence, whether physical, sexual, or psychological. Below are the most prominent forms of domestic violence:

  • Physical violence: The most common type of violence, this form is based on physical abuse, and the effects of this form of violence are visible on the body, and it takes the form of beating, hair pulling, pinching, suffocation, hitting with sharp objects, etc.
  •  Psychological violence: or psychological abuse of family members. This form of violence occurs through uttering inappropriate and obscene words with family members, or the husband’s neglect of his wife, or isolation, and the like.
  • Sexual violence: People who are sexually abused often suffer a lot due to secrecy and reservation about this subject, and its forms include sexual assault, rape, or resorting to things that are contrary to religion and custom.
  • Health violence: lack of care for the physical health of family members and starvation.
  • Social violence: It occurs through social isolation of family members. Which affects their mental and emotional development.
  • Economic violence: that is, limiting the income and expenses of family members, or the husband seizing his wife’s salary.

Causes of domestic violence

There are many things that cause domestic violence, and below are the most prominent of these reasons:

  • Weak religious piety: All heavenly religions call for goodness and peace, and reject violence and other types of bad behavior.
  • Parenting style: Often the reason for growing up with a violent father or mother is growing up in a family suffering from domestic violence, so he practices violence on his family members to vent what he was suffering from in his family.
  • Absence of family dialogue: Hours are the most important means of solving problems, and family problems often arise due to the absence of dialogue between them, which causes family disintegration and lack of cohesion.
  • Economic problems: The cause of violence may be poor living conditions, extreme poverty, the accompanying high prices, and the inability of the householder to provide for his family’s needs.
  • Moral and behavioral deviations: The cause of a family member’s violence may be drug abuse, or addiction to alcohol, which leads to him losing his mind and behaving violently with his family members.
  • Media: The media plays a negative and positive role in the field of domestic violence. The type of material that family members follow, such as violent scenes and the like, may be the reason for the outbreak of domestic violence. The media can also play a positive role depending on the type of material that the individual follows.

The effects of domestic violence on children

The effects of domestic violence on children are numerous, as this type of behavior may destroy the child’s future. Below we attach the most prominent of these effects:

  • Psychological effects: Family members exposed to violence often suffer from psychological illnesses such as depression, self-absorption, weak cognitive skills in the child, mental and emotional health problems, inability to express what is inside them in an optimal way, inability to integrate into society and social relationships, and fear. Panic, shyness, and weak self-confidence; There is an obstacle that stands between him and achieving what he aspires to.
  • Social effects: Domestic violence creates a state of instability for the child. The child does not feel safe. He is weak in the skills of dealing with others in an optimal way, so he cannot form social relationships and does not engage in social activities due to fear or shame, in addition to the most dangerous things, which is the loss of humanity and ability. To empathize with others; Which contributes to the birth of a new violent person.
  • Effects on academic achievement: The academic level of a child subjected to domestic violence declines, and the reason for this is his weak awareness and inability to focus on his academic achievement. Most people who fail academically are often exposed to bullying or domestic violence.

Conclusion of a topic on domestic violence and its impact on children

And here we have reached the end of our topic, in whose lines we talked about one of the most widespread and deadly social phenomena in society, which is domestic violence. We learned in its lines that this phenomenon affects all members of the family, as we defined the forms of domestic violence, and the reasons for the birth of a father or mother. Authoritarians, and the effects of this phenomenon on children in more than one way.

A topic on domestic violence and its impact on children, ready for download in PDF

Domestic violence is one of the dangerous phenomena that is widespread in society, and which may lead to its destruction, as we mentioned previously. Therefore, students are often asked to write topics expressing this phenomenon to educate people about its danger, and we have provided the previous information in the form of a PDF file ready for downloading and printing. ” Here .”

A topic on domestic violence and its impact on children, ready for download. DOC

The phenomenon of domestic violence affects all family members, especially children, as it is often the reason why many people indulge in criminal acts, alcoholism, drug abuse, and similar phenomena that threaten the security and safety of societies. Therefore, we have provided the previous topic in Word file format, for downloading “from here  ” . 

 With this amount of information, we will end this article, which was titled a topic on domestic violence and its impact on children, ready for download in PDF , and we have included in its lines a topic with all elements of a set of information available about this phenomenon, in the form of PDF and doc files.