The Internet has seen some of the most surprising and unique scenarios, and Disney characters are no exception to these shenanigans. It seemed that the Mickey Mouse gang had some backstage business right before they spread magic onstage. The video made rounds on the web, and although others found it weird, mascots were reported to laugh the situation out.

Maybe these characters just wanted to chill out before another lively performance. Also, we trust that Disneyland made their auditions for mascots rigid. The company holds auditions across cities to find the right people to bring the world-famous Disney characters to life.

A Photo Lives on in Memory

We guess it’s true what they say: the best reminder of all time is taking photos. Time and trends may pass, but you are all good as long as you have solid proof. It is that important that even though the image turned out to be less perfect than what they wanted, at least they can prove they went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom offers a complete theme park experience with rides, safari tours, animal shows, and scenarios one can simply stroll through and learn from. Guests also flock to its large iconic tree of life at the park’s center.

Supportive Dad Needs Extra Sleep

Supportive parents are willing to do anything to make their children happy, including taking them to Disneyland and playing some games, although they might need help understanding the rules. Here we have this father and son combination playing Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

While the son was excited to shoot some aliens, the dad looked like he was about to doze off. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is an interactive shooting ride attraction inspired by the Toy Story franchise. It is a popular choice for kids and adults alike, yet we hope the father got some extra shuteye after this.

Prepare for a quick shower

Photographers at Splash Mountain probably had the most epic photos of people displaying different activities and expressions right before being hit by large waves of a splash. This ride is for the brave ones who love surprise endings, have heightened curiosity, and never run out of creative ideas.

For instance, this family was extra prepared for their Splash Mountain adventure and had clear plans on what to do so the extra water would not go to waste. By extra prepared, we mean the shower caps, toothbrush, and shaving cream! Indeed an inspiring act for yet competitive creative riders out there.

Seagulls Can Pull Off A Roller-coaster Ride Too

When this father and daughter lined up for the roller-coaster, they probably expected a wild ride that could make them scream with happiness. However, they didn’t expect that a seagull was also in line to experience the classic roller-coaster. Indeed, it ended up as a wild ride because of the bird.

Seagulls may look friendly, but they are still wild animals known to attack humans when they sense danger. They are protective creatures who don’t like getting close to people. In this case, the seagull was the one who majestically appeared out of thin air and was also caught on film.

Feels Like Home

The Walt Disney Company gave birth to a yellow-orange colored, medium-sized, short-haired dog with black ears named Pluto. Since then, he is often seen strolling through the park. Guests were delighted to spot Pluto and a service dog, as if chemistry sparkled within them.

With a massive smile and eye contact, these two creatures bonded as if they were at home in each other’s company. This is no wonder, as golden retrievers are loved for their loyalty and protectiveness. If you are planning to let your dog meet Pluto, Disney officials only allow service dogs to roam around the park.

Friendship Drama Caught on Cam

The relationship between Minnie and Mickey continues to spark debate among viewers, fans, and analysts. Walt Disney left an ambiguous statement saying that Mickey is married to Minnie. Despite this, what we’re sure of is that the two have a close relationship and are inseparable.

That’s why when Mickey found Minnie holding hands with their close friend, Goofy, he was left with no expression but shock! How could he be betrayed by the two he loves the most? This is a sad moment in history, but we hope these three iconic characters fix things because what is Disneyland without their joy?