Bjork is known for her unique music and style, and her “Swan Dress,” which she wore to the 2001 Oscars, has been infamous since she stepped onto the red carpet that day. Bjork’s dress, which was shaped like a swan, literally, was a “tribute” to Esther Williams and Busby Berkeley.


Event: 73rd Academy Awards
Year: 2001
Est. Cost: $1,000*

Bjork is known for her unique music and styleBjörk ©Mirek Towski / Getty Images


Made by Marjan Pejoski, fashion critics have been unable to let the Swan Dress go. Bjork has said that she is “bewildered” by the criticism of her get-up that year, saying she was “amazed [by] how many people thought [she] was serious.”

7. Rihanna

Event: Grammy Awards
Year: 2015
Est. Cost: $12,000*

Fans of Rihanna were split on whether they loved this dress or hated it. It was certainly voluminous, and we’re wondering how the business mogul and singer even made it to her seat that year.


Bjork is known for her unique music and styleRihanna ©DFree /


The poofy raspberry gown was a fast departure from Rihanna’s other looks, which have included sheer, body-hugging numbers. The Giambattista Valli tulle gown made Rihanna look cartoonish, as though she stepped straight out of a Pixar animated movie.

8. Florence Pugh

Event: 95th Academy Awards
Year: 2023
Est. Cost: $10,000*

Entertainment Tonight described Florence Pugh’s gown, which she wore to the 2023 Oscars, as an “unlikely choice,” while People called it a “fashion risk.” Trust us, some publications weren’t so kind, as this look was an obvious fashion miss.


Bjork is known for her unique music and styleFlorence Pugh ©Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images


This Valentino look featured short black shorts underneath a voluminous gown top. The one good thing about this look was that it came with pockets, something women’s evening wear is sorely lacking.

9. Halle Berry

Event: Vanity Fair Oscars Party
Year: 2023
Est. Cost: $5,500*

Halle Berry rarely has fashion misses, as she almost always looks stunning on the red carpet. But, her Oscar de la Renta dress caused rounds of shock, awe, and absolute belief when she donned the conical mini-dress to the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.


Bjork is known for her unique music and styleHalle Berry ©Cindy Ord/VF23 / Getty Images


Alas, Daily Mail was quick to name Halle Berry the leader of its “Worst Dressed” list, sharply comparing her all-black outfit to the far more stylish all-white one she wore to the Oscars. This outfit change should’ve been ditched, as searching “Halle Berry Worst Dressed” on Google brings up Berry’s look instantly.