Expression of World Teachers’ Day DOC

The topic of an expression on World Teachers’ Day DOC is what we will address within the context of our article, as teachers are the builders of this nation and its hope in creating a generation based on knowledge and wisdom. Thanks to them, the glory of nations is built, and values ​​and principles are formulated, so they deserve a day when we celebrate them and share with them the most beautiful words and expressions. As an expression of their benevolence through their generous efforts that always seek to advance generations over the years, is therefore interested in highlighting this beautiful occasion to formulate an expressive topic in which we weave the most beautiful expressions, perhaps they parallel the benevolence of teachers upon us.

World Teacher’s Day

International Teachers’ Day is one of the great occasions that the world celebrates annually on October 5 of every year, and it is the day that UNESCO/ILO has praised since 1994, in appreciation of the generous efforts made by teachers, thanks to whom the nation elevates its children, as well as In order to provide an opportunity to explore the depth of the issues and problems facing teachers when teaching, and to emphasize that respect for the teacher is the largest and most important part of the education stage, it is a day celebrated by more than 100 countries around the world, with each country participating in this day with its celebrations and events related to its customs. According to its traditions, the date of Teacher’s Day in some countries may differ from October 5.

Expression of World Teachers’ Day 

It is one of the topics that accompanies the memory of this great occasion, which the school addresses with great interest and care. It is one of the duties imposed on the students, with the aim of strengthening the importance of respect for the teacher in the hearts of the students, and acknowledging his generous and generous efforts in leading the generations towards the paths and paths of science and knowledge. Our expressive topic comes in the following form:

Introduction to World Teachers’ Day 

First of all, we thank God who has bestowed upon us knowledge and knowledge, and bestowed upon us the wisdom that guides us to the useful and valuable paths of knowledge, and has provided for us generous people who have been the way to direct the course of our lives and lead it to the paths that bring us benefit, wisdom, and useful information. Knowledge is an obligation from God Almighty upon every Muslim man and woman. The first verse that was revealed to our beloved Chosen One in the Cave of Hira is “Read in the name of your Lord who created.” From here we realize the greatness of science, learning and knowledge, which we venture into thanks to people who follow our steps gently and patiently. There is no knowledge that exists without the presence of teachers, thanks to whom we ascend. Stairs of success to build our future and the future of our nation with science and knowledge, those whom we celebrate today with this anniversary that comes back to remind us thanks to the illuminating moons and the candles that lit the lamps of knowledge in our hearts.

Presentation of an expression on World Teachers’ Day 

The International Labor Organization has prepared its International Day to celebrate the teacher in appreciation, appreciation, and glorification of the generous efforts made by teachers for the sake of science and education, and raising children on good qualities and noble morals, as commanded by our noble religion. The task of the teacher is among the most prominent and sublime professions that a person may practice in his life. They have the greatest role in creating a generation based on sound principles, great values, and good morals, and planting the seeds of knowledge, wisdom, and knowledge in their hearts, so that the harvest is a bright future with a constructive personality capable of elevating the nation’s prosperity and increasing its progress, especially since the most prominent problems that greatly affect… Negative effects on the nation and individuals are the intellectual and cultural confusions related to false beliefs that lead to a great amount of misguidance and wandering in the individual’s personality, and with the spread of modern devices and Internet technology, which has become accessible to all hands, whether those who are ignorant of it or those who are aware of its danger, knowledge in this case isIt has become in a deteriorating state and retreating towards the paths of loss. Here, the teacher’s task has become increasingly difficult. He must empower the seeds of knowledge in the souls of the students, and guide them to where it will be beneficial for them and their future in their coming days. Teacher’s Day came to reinforce the importance of the task that falls upon him by raising generations who understand the meaning of knowledge. Knowledge, the future, and the dangers and challenges that surround it, especially in light of the circumstances that the world faces today, and in light of the huge amount of spread of false beliefs that affect the minds of individuals in a significant negative way.