My experience with natural herbal abortion

Many women search for articles about my experience with herbal abortion. Among the afflictions of God Almighty on many women is the death of fetuses in their wombs, or their contracting fatal diseases that kill the fetuses and expose the mother’s life to danger, which prompts doctors to take the decision to have an abortion out of concern for the mother’s life. There are several ways to perform an abortion. Infected and dead fetuses. Medicinal herbs are considered one of the safe and effective methods apart from chemical medications, and through the following paragraphs we will discuss what was mentioned under the title of my experience with herbal abortion.

My experience with herbal abortion

While raising the issue on a women’s forum, one of the women described her terrible affliction when her fetus was exposed to a fatal disease inside the womb, which forced her to resort to an abortion. She stated, saying:

My experience with herbal abortion was as a result of the fetus being infected with a disease that affected its life, and it was impossible for the pregnancy to continue. The doctor advised her to use natural medicinal herbs instead of resorting to chemical medications with known side effects, which may affect her health condition by monitoring her condition throughout the pregnancy . .

She also mentioned, in my experience with herbal abortion, that it accelerated the abortion process by eliminating blood almost completely, in addition to relieving the pain to some extent. The woman concluded by praying for all pregnant women to grant them and their children complete health and well-being.

My experience with miscarriage in the first month

There are many women who suffer from chronic and serious diseases that prevent them from getting pregnant and from being exposed to the stresses and pain of childbirth, which may put their lives at risk, and sometimes the lives of the fetuses as well. After the referendum and confirmation of the mother’s condition that does not allow pregnancy, doctors advise mothers to abort the fetuses as quickly as possible. As much time as possible to save their lives.

This is preferable during the first month of pregnancy, and many women mentioned during discussions of my experience with herbal abortion that natural herbs can be used to abort fetuses, such as:


  • Cinnamon is one of the natural herbs known for its many therapeutic benefits, which is widely used in effective natural recipes, and is also available at home on an ongoing basis.
  • Cinnamon is known for its ability to affect uterine contractions and spasms, as it helps increase the contraction of the uterine muscles significantly and strongly.
  • It is also prescribed to speed up the menstrual process and reduce the pain associated with it.
  • You can make a cinnamon and ginger drink , or cinnamon alone with boiling water, and drink one or two cups daily.


  • Cumin is used in many recipes for cleansing the body of toxins and getting rid of fat and blood deposited in the body, so it is considered one of the herbs most mentioned during discussions of my experience with herbal abortion.
  • Cumin is known for its therapeutic capabilities in eliminating blood residues stuck inside the uterus and getting rid of accumulated toxins.
  • You can take the cumin recipe, which consists of a spoonful of cumin, preferably Hasa, a spoonful of fenugreek Hasa, and a spoonful of garden cress, add white honey, and boil the mixture for a few seconds.
  • It is taken one cup on an empty stomach daily.

Coffee husk

  • Coffee is generally considered one of the prohibited things that a pregnant woman should not consume during the first months of pregnancy due to the presence of caffeine, which causes uterine contractions and may lead to miscarriage of the fetus.
  • Coffee peels are the main caffeine concentration in the pill, so it was mentioned in articles about my experience with herbal abortion, as one of the most effective herbs during the first months.
  • It can be taken in the form of a powder. Just take the coffee peels and roast them if they are not roasted, then grind them well, and take two tablespoons of the powder every morning.
  • It can also be added to one of the previous recipes, and consumed as a drink.

My experience with garden cress for abortion

It is known that cress contains plant estrogen and many minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, but plant estrogen is the active substance in the plant that helps clean the uterus of blood clots and accelerate menstruation.

Therefore, many people recommend using it to reduce menstrual pain and speed up menstrual bleeding. It is also recommended, based on the advice of my experience with herbal abortion, to take it after the abortion to get rid of the remaining blood and tissue.

Boil two tablespoons of garden cress seeds with water for two minutes, then filter the mixture and leave it to cool, sweeten it with white honey, and drink it two cups daily in the morning and evening.

My experience with thyme for miscarriage

Thyme is known to be one of the herbs used during research on my experience with herbal abortion, as it contains many elements that cause strong contractions and contractions of the uterus.

Water boiled with thyme is used in cases where fetuses have to be aborted and in which the fetus poses a threat to the mother’s life, or in cases where the fetus is afflicted with fatal diseases.

For your information, fresh thyme does not affect the pregnant woman if she consumes it with various foods. Boiled thyme drinks affect uterine contractions.

My experience with abortion at home

Through discussions of my experience with herbal abortion, we warn pregnant women against following a number of wrong behaviors that may lead to miscarriage of fetuses in the first months, which may happen to the woman while she is alone at home in many cases. The most prominent of these habits are:

Excessive effort

When making easy or moderate efforts, there is no concern, but care must be taken not to exaggerate it. However, when hyperactive, these movements may cause miscarriage in the first months and increase the possibility of miscarriage due to decreased oxygen exchange reaching the fetus and decreased blood flow. It reaches the uterus and increases the pH level of the mother and fetus.

There are also wrong positions that can cause miscarriage and increased constant pressure. When excessive force is used on the abdomen, as the fetus’s blood flow decreases, affecting its growth, it is not recommended to exercise in the first months, especially.

Cases in which stress can cause miscarriage are linked to other factors, for example, if the pregnancy is unstable, or if the woman has had a miscarriage before, or if the mother suffers from one of the diseases that causes miscarriage in the first few months, such as choroidal lupus.

Or if the mother is weak while doing any strenuous activity or wrong exercises, in this case the situation could be dangerous for her and the fetus. Therefore, when a woman feels strange pain in the uterus or contractions, especially in the first few months, she must go to the doctor directly to avoid miscarriage. Early.

Here we have explained my experience with herbal abortion and learned about the most important herbs through which abortion can be achieved. We also learned about how to have an abortion at home. In conclusion, we stress the necessity of consulting a specialist doctor in this serious matter that may harm your life.