Pretend It Never Happened، While this guest has not violated the dress code and costume rules, he surely realized he still made some bad choices when he bumped into the lovely Minnie. The poor character had to cover her eyes and pretend she never saw what the shirt was implying while the man was trying to hold his tears of regret or burst of laughter.

Pretend It Never Happened

He is wearing a Deadmau5 T-shirt with mouse icons. Deadmau5 is a Canadian electronic music producer and DJ. There is a lot of humor and forgiveness in her heart, and she loves any guests regardless; truly a leading girl move.

First Times Are Best Times

The first time doing something is strange, but it can also be an unforgettable moment, especially if you got a keen photographer. We’d like to assume it’s the boy in the pink jacket’s first time on such a high roller-coaster ride, and it looks like his whole life flashed before his eyes.

Pretend It Never Happened

Disneyland and other amusement park goers have advised first-time riders. First, taking deep breaths and calming yourself while waiting in line is very important. Once seated, it is wise to look at other people’s expressions. For the best interest, imitate happy people and fake it until you make it.

Don’t Interrup Father and Daughter Bonding

This photo further proves that parents are willing to do anything to make their children happy, even if that involves dressing up as a mermaid. Unfortunately, Disney has become strict with their dress code rules, stating that guests aged 14 and older cannot wear costumes inside the park.

Pretend It Never Happened

We hope the officials made an exception for this because it’s not every day we see such a father-daughter duo in mermaid suits. If they were allowed in, it’s probably because guests could easily distinguish them from real costumed characters. Disney wants to ensure they maintain character and storyline integrity with their staff.

Good Splash, Good Food

Splash Mountain has probably seen the most creative people in the midst of embracing the thrilling ride. This group of friends decided to enjoy a fine meal while waiting for the huge splash to reach them. Their props and outfits make it fair to assume they prepared for this moment.

Pretend It Never Happened

Fortunately, Disneyland allows guests to bring food and nonalcoholic beverages, provided they do not have pungent odors or anything that requires heating or refrigeration. The park has a lot of food and drink offerings too. From Mickey beignets to chicken drumstick boxes, this happy place ensured no one was hungry.

The Horror of Phone Calls

According to Theme Park Insider, many amusement parks have been fighting reports about guests who lost their cell phones while riding a ride. This is why other parks ban guests from carrying mobile devices when riding intense rides or providing lockers. However, some still can manage to bring them, and those phones sometimes end up flying.

Pretend It Never Happened

The man in this photo might have been on an urgent call, so critical that he could not understand the danger his actions might have caused. It is even more understandable if he took it out for some photos and videos, but no, he also missed the fun!

I Am Not in the Mood. End of Story

The Beach House has confirmed what people have believed all along: theme parks have that magic that can bring out smiles and joy to people of all ages. The atmosphere is rich with an infectious sense of community and happiness. More often than not, people see it as a perfect place to de-stress from a hectic life.

Pretend It Never Happened

This is even truer when you are at Disneyland, where the aim is to spread happiness and magic to kids and kids at heart. Nevertheless, this woman seems to prove otherwise. She looked less excited while riding the famous Splash Mountain and even spotted the camera that never fails to capture moments of all sorts.

Tables Have Turned

Often, the kids must be looking out for when visiting theme parks. Yet this magical park stands true to its title and brings out the youthfulness of people of all ages. The parents look like they are having the time of their lives, but their children are pretty unamused with the scene.

Pretend It Never Happened

Planning a family trip to Disneyland is difficult, especially if one desires to make the most of everything. Fortunately, Disney has created an online blog listing recommended activities and foods. Some of the things listed are stopping at quick service restaurants around the park and using baby care centers.

Popping The Question

There are a handful of stories that feature couples who got engaged or spent their honeymoon in Disneyland. They have come to believe it is indeed the happiest place where love and joy are abundant. This guest might have gotten the memo, but he had it played in a totally adventurous way.

Pretend It Never Happened

As we can see in the photo, the reactions he got from the cast members were totally not what he was looking for. Try again next time and follow these classic proposal locations recorded by Travel and Leisure: Cinderella’s Royal Table, Magic Kingdom’s castle, and Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian.

Splashed but Informed

Here we have the never-ending reality that people are willing to go to extra lengths to get the perfect picture on the iconic Splash Mountain ride. Like others, this family came prepared too, and with the setup they chose, we can say they nailed it with the proper attire, expressions, and props.

Pretend It Never Happened

It’s also encouraging that Disneyland allows guests to bring their props for whatever stint they want to pull off, provided they are not safety hazards or posters with disturbed language. In this matter, these people better make the most out of these newspapers as they will surely get wet.

Dogs Love Mickey Too!

Dogs and mice do not like each other in real life, but in the magical world of Disney, they can share the most heartwarming bond, as we see in this photo. The Disney main character Mickey Mouse proved to be the adventurous, calm, and kind character everyone loved in books and movies.

Pretend It Never Happened

This service dog probably became a fan of Mickey, too, seeing that iconic headband on his head. Unfortunately, for guests who want this Mickey moment with their pets, Disneyland does not allow regular pets inside. Only service dogs are given permission, and they should remain on a leash or in a harness.