The Rock on the Rocks، We guess even high-profile action stars cannot resist the magic inside Disneyland and are bold enough to enjoy its peak experience, like that of the famous Splash Mountain ride. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is well known for his wrestling stint and as one of the highest-paid actors in action films like “Fast & Furious” and “Jumanji” film series.
The Rock on the Rocks

Despite his strong figure on screen, Johnson has Disney experience, having voiced Maui in the Disney animated “Moana” and starred in the fantasy adventure film “Jungle Cruise.” With all these, there is no wonder he posed as a brave star as he was near the colossal splash!

Because They Feel Too Sad

The human mind is complex yet beautiful. One example is our fascination with scary yet exciting things like horror movies and roller coaster rides. Even physical signs such as a pounding heart, faster breathing, and energy boosts result from an adrenaline rush. Experts suggest humans are hardwired to enjoy activities that cause fear, even though we know we are safe.

The Rock on the Rocks

With that, we’d most expect to see feared, agitated faces when riding a roller-coaster. However, this clown was not feeling it. Maybe the intensity did not keep up with his expectations, or he was lost somewhere in his mind because of personal problems.

Sincerely Yours, Chip and Dale

As reported by Undercover Tourist, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Chip, and Dale are Disneyland’s most popular characters. No Disneyland trip is as satisfying as meeting these iconic characters. Chip and Dale are a pair of anthropomorphic chipmunks known for their high-pitched speech, voracious appetites, and mischief at the expense of others.

The Rock on the Rocks

The mascots might have researched their characters so well, as we caught these two chipmunks with their mischievous grin as if they were up to something. Or, who knows, maybe the mascot heads were just so heavy that they had to keep their heads down at the perfect angle.

Hold On, or Else!

Nearly everyone who has experienced the Splash Mountain ride holds a memorable photograph. We do not know what these adults were up to that they could not decide where to put their hands while embracing the fearful yet exciting surprise.

The Rock on the Rocks

There is no single correct method to maximize ride experience, yet there are ways to try if you’re nervous. Deep breathing helps in calming nerves and distracts you from the fear that may arise. Screaming also relieves tension and translates agitation. Lastly, throwing your hands in the air is okay, but remember to put them down again to ensure safety.

Just for the Photos, Dear

In the Disney animated film “Tangled,” Flynn Rider starts as a notorious thief. His undeniable charm and wit made it easy to get away and continue his actions. However, everything changed when he met and fell in love with Rapunzel. He helped her become the spirited and determined princess she is.

The Rock on the Rocks

It took Rapunzel a long time to explore the world beyond the tower, pursue ambitions, make friends, and grow meaningfully. All of these explain why our two main characters almost exchanged juicy gazes. After all, they have experienced hell and back together, and we assume nothing and no one can tear them apart.

Loving Some Pixie Dust Magic

Tinkerbell is all about sprinkling pixie dust all over that gives birth to magical happenings, one of which is her special relationship with Peter Pan. Their romantic involvement remains controversial, as Peter fell in love with another woman. Nevertheless, one sure thing is that they have a unique, magical bond, as seen in this photo.

The Rock on the Rocks

As such, Disneyland once created the meet-and-greet attraction called Pixie Hollow. The area allowed guests to meet Tinker Bell and her company, like Vidia, Terrence, and Periwinkle. Indeed, Disneyland can give you a glimpse of Neverland if you choose never to grow up and embrace the child within.

Twice the Trouble With Chip and Dale!

Here we have the mischievous duo Chip and Dale, the anthropomorphic chipmunks Walt Disney produced in 1943. Aside from their solo films and television shows, they are often paired with Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Donald Duck.

The Rock on the Rocks

The duo may look like twins, but the creators have drawn a line between their differences. Chip is focused, safe, and sees things logically, while Dale is more laid-back, dim-witted, impulsive, and has a solid sense of humor. Well, it’s hard to tell which is which with the mascots in the photo, but we can make a wild guess through their smiles and eye contact.