Why do male cats urinate everywhere?

Dear question owner, first of all you should know the difference between spraying and urinating everywhere, your male cats can use spraying as a means of communication; It is marking by urination, where cats secrete certain chemicals to communicate with other cats during mating seasons or to occupy certain areas and inform others of their presence, especially since there are many cats in your home. This may be one of the reasons why he urinates on you because he sees you as his property. .

In addition to the above, there are other reasons why male cats urinate on their owner and everywhere. I will tell you the most important ones:

  1. Health reasons

Cats can get urinary tract diseases. Such as bladder stones, bacterial infections, as well as kidney diseases, etc., which cause pain and an urgent need to urinate, which causes frequent urination in different places as a result of not reaching the litter box on time.

  1. Behavioral reasons

Any change in a cat’s routine can cause him to urinate in different parts of the house. Such as when a new person enters, moves from one house to another, replaces the trash can with an uncomfortable one, or places it in an inappropriate place.