The closest official Disney guideline to this action would be the rule “Engaging in any unsafe act or other act that may impede the operation of the Disneyland Resort or any part thereof.” Looking at this picture, we can assume she was not impeding any operation due to her handstand gymnastic skills.

You Are Welcome Here, Friend

Maybe she was training to become an entertainer, or she was just stretching out to make the most of every ride and experience in Disneyland. Handstands help the body’s core, improve balance, and increase circulation. Truly a worthwhile physical activity before engaging in bewildering rides and taking photos of magical scenes.

Where Superstars Embrace Freedom

Strolling around Disneyland allows you to see some idol celebrities and social media personalities. It is a place where Hollywood stars embrace their freedom and embrace their inner child with little to no inhibitions. As such, guests were delighted to spot “The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown in high spirits wearing her Mickey Mouse headband.

You Are Welcome Here, Friend

Before she visited the park, Brown made waves on Twitter with her fellow “The Bachelorette” colleagues. She also competed on the 28th season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Besides her television stint, she is also a beauty pageant titleholder and was crowned Miss Alabama USA in 2018.

Guards Got No Time To Play

While Disneyland aims to be a place of happiness and wonder, they also include strict dress codes for guests. Their rules are not meant to ruin the fun but to maintain a friendly, organized, and safe experience for anyone.

You Are Welcome Here, Friend

As a general rule, guests aged 14 years and above are prohibited from wearing costumes inside the park. This means any adult who wears Disney or non-Disney-related outfits will not be allowed entrance. This is to prevent confusion so visitors can distinguish between official staff. These two rebels thought they would make it past through, but guards weren’t there to play magic either!

Knowing Their Priorities

Getting copies of their Splash Mountain photo memorabilia is something many people look forward to. Many people have tried pulling off different antics for the photo op. This group of friends is deeply engrossed in their game of Monopoly.

You Are Welcome Here, Friend

Their seriousness made us wonder whether they were doing this just for the epic photo op. Monopoly is a classic board game for two to eight players. It is usually played in a quiet setting, on a table. The trick is that as the game lasts longer, more money is at hand, and everyone is hungry to collect the cash flow.

Happiness Is Everywhere, and Mickey Is Everywhere

Mickey Mouse is arguably Disney’s most iconic character and has served as the face of the company since his birth in the 1982’s Steamboat Willie. His existence in the fantasy world contributed to Disney’s lifelong image of friendship, happiness, and optimism, which people seem to hold on to.

You Are Welcome Here, Friend

With that said, there is no wonder that Mickey Mouse-related merchandise also became among the top-selling products on the market, especially in Disneyland. Whether it’s ice cream, a headband, or shoes, a trip to the happiest place on Earth requires something Mickey-related. This woman wrapped Mickey around her waist, proving that Disney transcends all styles and ages!